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Stretching Yoga

Remove back pain, stiffness of joints, muscle weakness, general stiffness and tension..

Body Balance

The direction of yoga, which includes a complex of asanas, regular practices for balance training..

Meditatin Yoga

The practice of meditation increases the intellectual abilities of a person, including improved memory..

Pilates Yoga

Exercises for the whole body, which will help to work out all the muscles, improve posture.

Fitness Yoga

Uniting Eastern and Western practices for active people who can withstand heavy loads.

Basics Yoga

We recognize our capabilities, gaining full harmony of soul and body, physical health and beauty.

Yoga Theraphy
for Women’s and Men’s Health

Most Popular Questions

What will yoga practice give me?
Poses (asanas) help improve health, and breathing exercises and relaxation give you the ability to control consciousness. You can use these methods simply to promote health and relieve stress, as well as to further develop in any area of life.
Can I do yoga?
Anyone can do yoga, regardless of gender and age. There are no absolute contraindications, however, if you have health problems, we recommend that you consult an experienced teacher before starting classes.
How to combine yoga and other sports?
It is advisable to spread yoga classes by time with a different load of 4-6 hours, but better on different days. If it falls on one day, then let it be after another load..
What do you need for class?
For classes, you need a sports uniform that will not interfere with movements, a mat and a towel. Be sure to take water with you. Socks will be useful for those who freeze.
Does yoga contribute to weight loss?
Yes, sure. Yoga improves metabolism and, as a result, helps normalize body weight. But weight loss is a concomitant effect, not a goal of yoga.
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